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【BabyBites】Sky Blue Baby Sleeping Bag - Premium Baby Gift
【BabyBites】Sky Blue Baby Sleeping Bag - Premium Baby Gift
【BabyBites】Sky Blue Baby Sleeping Bag - Premium Baby Gift

【BabyBites】Sky Blue Baby Sleeping Bag

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Baby Bites: Spanish creative brand.The design is from designer Andrea Dural & Sofia Margues. Their designs
are not only creative but also functional. The shark sleeping bags can be used as ordinary blankets both at home and outdoor. The sleeping bag can also be considered as a decoration for display at home.

 The product is available in variety of colour ranges. Quality is assured as they are all 100% handmade in Spain. It’s soft, cozy, practical,functional and colourful, which makes you smile, fun and satisfaction.

 This model has a side zip, which enables an easier access to parents.

Now better adapted to prams so you and your baby can go on long walks with your Baby Bites.

Measurements, Sizes & weight

98 cm x 73 cm
(Perfect for babies till 18 months)

Weight: 500g


Lining and Outer 100% cotton
Filling 100% polyester

Prams usage

At the back of the sleeping bags you will see the cutting guidelines, use the cutting knife and follow the lines to cut. Just like opening the pocket for a brand new suit. Please cut it carefully, As Kyle and Vivian Limited will not be liable for any damage.  No refund or exchange will be given for any damaged products due to the cutting process. Thank you very much for your understanding. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and contact us before your purchase!

Something you should know

The sleeping bags suggested being suitable for baby from 2 months old as the new born baby is so tiny. Be sure and not cover the face of your baby!

Baby Bites products are all handmade in Spain. So it is reasonable that some sutures are not straight but you should believe the one you just bought is 100%  real and with great quality.

How to wash

*30 degree cold washing

*Dry flat

*Iron to a low temperature

*Not to use bleach